Meet Doc

Hypoallergenic, Certified Service Dog.

Doc isn't just your regular run of the mill pup!  Doc has a job to do, and he knows it.  He knows that many of us are fearful of the dentist.  He also knows that taking care of your oral health is very important.  So, he is here to help.  He wants you to be comfortable.  So much so, that you're welcome to request his presence during your visit.  He will sit quietly on your lap and welcomes your loving pats and scratches.  He knows if he can help calm your nerves so you feel more comfortable, he's done his job.

Be sure to request a visit from Doc if you feel at all like he might make your visit more comfortable.  


We understand that our comfort companions are not for everyone.
We have chosen a hypoallergenic breed. Please rest assured that our lovable companions are not allowed to run free and are kept behind closed doors unless specifically requested by a patient.